Spiritual psychology is a framework used by Rebirther’s to put the work into context. The main premise of spiritual psychology is to seek an understanding of our mind, how it works, and as a result, the true nature of our reality.

One of the main pillars of spiritual psychology is that thought is creative. It looks at how not all thoughts are conscious and thus, in order to gain a full understanding of our experience, we need to delve into the subconscious, our shadow self. Spiritual psychology also confirms the importance of taking responsibility for all of our experiences as we are the ones responsible for creating and attracting them into our lives.

It views life as a continual expansion. We experience this through challenges that help us question our current views. For example, if someone believes that they’re not welcome they will continually feel unwelcome. This will continue to amplify until they get exasperated with the experience, take a moment to question it and as a result, pierce the bubble of self-deception. This can sometimes be an easy learning experience or it can be a dark night of the soul experience. Each time we do this, we release a layer of lies and simultaneously unravel another truth.

The 10 biggies

The main work within spiritual psychology is to identify the patterns we have in order to release them and reveal the ultimate truth. There are 10 biggies, or inhibitors to happiness. These are generally learned in our formative years. They are:

Birth Trauma
Our first experience in life and thus a pivotal moment that gives our first, and lasting impressions and expectations.

The Personal Lie
Our deepest, darkest negative belief about ourselves, often formed at birth. This is the root of our ego. All other patterns relate to it somehow.

Parental Disapproval
Many of our patterns are family patterns, learned from our parents who learned from their parents and so on. We generally learn how to relate to other people, authority figures, money, and how to have romantic relationships from our parents.

School Trauma
If we haven’t already falsely learned we need to compete for love, attention and approval, then school is our perfect teacher.

Religious Trauma
Here we generally learn to be shameful of ourselves, women learn they are responsible for original sin.

Repression of the Feminine
This teaches us that intuition and emotions are weak, unnecessary, unhelpful and that we must be strong and mind centered.

Past Lives
Although not always looked at, as everything we did not learn from past lives is brought into this life, they are important and in some work can surface.

About a dozen Rebirther’s have survived senility and all the diseases it brings. This has led to the understanding that it is just another stage of life, where all of our unresolved issues come up. It is a sort-it-out-or-die stage that, once complete, leads to a great level of peace, clarity, wisdom and bliss.

The Saviour Syndrome
This is the belief that we need to save others. It rejects each being’s autonomy and belittles the trust in their unfolding.

The Unconscious Death Urge
This is the collection of all of our self-sabotaging patterns. Unresolved, it leads to our death, as thought is creative, we are responsible for our own death. Every death is a suicide and physical immortality is a possibility.