This was inspired by an initial curiosity for Latin dancing—from learning in Ecuador with a teacher who was only fluent in Spanish, to returning to Australia and re-learning along with many others who were unfamiliar with dancing.

There were many trials when ‘finding my own feet’ (pardon the pun) within the very different world of dancing, which were way more than I’d anticipated. One particular challenge was that dancing led me to take a more in-depth look within myself.

A striking metaphor for many things in life, especially your relationship with yourself—the below poem was born while reflecting upon a 15-month healing journey through dance—from self-consciousness, uncertainty, and anxiety, to a state of liberation and personal acceptance, awareness, and self-love.

This voyage is ready to take any one of you—who feel ready—to explore life and yourself on a deeper level— from fear into freedom in a fun and forever meaningful way.


She wanted to dance

She tried to move

And to learn

How to live

And to love…

And so, she attempted some moves

It was all so foreign

In a foreign language

In a faraway place

Fantasy time …

She showed her new friends

The steps she was making

Her hips, she was shaking

Her body was aching

Her new friends laughing

What was she thinking?

It was not so natural, stomach sinking

Yet, she persisted

She persisted with dancing

This time, in her own country

Another set of new friends

A new set of dance moves …

This time there were others

all learning to move too

Our hands constantly sweaty

Gripping tightly, to not lose

The contact point for turning

Did we pull off that move?!

Laughing with her

Stepping on toes

Out of time

Too few men

All of us were persisting with dancing

Lessons, teachers, rivalries, smiles

Shoes, outfits, late nights, and long drives

Big steps, little steps

Turning steps and twirling

Dizziness, sore feet

My stomach’s still churning!

My whole body is hurting …

But, she desired to dance

More men of all sizes

Tall, small

Large, round

Hands that reached up

Some would stray down.

Teach me, show me

Let’s try that move again!

Come closer

Move away

Please give me my space!

Lead me

Don’t push me

Or force me into my place.

I’ll move with you

Softly, gently, and sweetly

If you show me the way…

Then we’ll dance like all fury

If fiery energy gives over to us today.

We don’t know each other

I don’t know your name

But I’ll dance with you tonight

If you will just treat me right.

And so, she danced

She lived

She loved

And she laughed

She persisted …

Her efforts paid off

And so, she took flight

Like a bird set free

A bird healed of its plight

She was gracious and graceful

But not always right

Yet dancing was much like

a metaphor for her life

She learnt much in this time

This journey of dance life

And lived for each moment

From day to night

Not always perfect

But neither is life!

She knew what was missing

And helped make it right

She would dance where life took her

Engaged in the movement of her life

Refining the moves

Of twisting and turning

Her hands less sweaty

Her stomach’s stopped churning

And so, she lived

She laughed and learned …

And so, she danced

As much as her sweet heart had yearned …

She danced.