Our current times require us to embrace an inclusive, universal and creative spirituality: one that encompasses living the whole of our life as skilfully, peacefully and compassionately as possible. It involves manifesting qualities that lead us to recognising the profound unity we share with all people and Nature and the responsibilities this brings. This is obviously more than just a mere knowing, but a state of being that is authentically lived.

This transforming, compassionate and universal aspect of spirituality has always been there inviting us. It is in fact an expression of supreme creativity that connects us with the creative powers of the Universe, which can be manifested in each and every moment of our lives and called upon to enrich our world and daily interactions.

Spirituality is in many ways about being awake to this potential, and the abilities and possibilities that are available to us at all times, which can then lead us to being spontaneously creative and to participate skilfully with life as it unfolds.

It is an integral and creative approach to spirituality that is multidimensional and acknowledges an array of levels and stages of unfoldment, without undermining insights or an understanding of an essential and authentic Oneness.

Although it involves travelling through a multiple of spheres, such as a spirit world, a psychological world, and an ecological world, it is a single integration that seeks interaction with the all-ness of healthy living. And when we include the whole, including the natural world, of which we are wondrous parts, we open to a path that has been recognised by many wisdom and mystical traditions – one that is life affirming.

It is a spirituality that links us with the beginning of Creation, because of its connections with the Creative Force and Mind that has pervaded the Universe since its birth.

A Profound Knowing

Deep within us we know intuitively that not only life on our planet, but also the Universe has a profound interconnected intelligence and purpose.

If we consider how our living Universe came into being and how it is holistic, integral and forever in the process of evolving, we come to realise how it is an important part of who we are, as we are all incredible products of the Universe and its awe-inspiring creativity.

Through awakening to these deeper dimensions of spirituality, we touch realms of experience that have been realised by many of the world’s great mystics and seers and discover knowledge of the awesome interconnections we share with the creativity of Earth, Nature, Spirit and the Cosmos.

Although no two humans, snowflakes or blades of grass are identical, all interconnect with an underlying mystical unity, as all life possesses a unique spark of the Divine and its potential to create – to bring about harmony, balance and creative beauty into the world, which are of course essential facets of any healthy spiritual path.

And when we create, we take part in and celebrate the creativity that exists within our Universe; we become co-creators.

We in fact already possess all that we need to be in a productive interactive relationship with the Divine’s Creativity; we only need to unfold the intuitive insight that is called for to overcome the appearance of separation from it. When we do this, we open ourselves to the evolving and transforming power of an active spirituality.

Yet past conditioning makes unfoldment difficult. We often see ourselves as physically separate. Our senses create the appearance of being singular and set apart from other people, objects, and life around us, which can lead us to self-centred actions.

Yet not only do the Buddha’s and many of the world’s great teachings inform us that this is a wrong perception, but quantum physicists have also discovered this to be true.

It is when we are at-one with the spiritual core of our being that life starts to speak to us in fresh and dynamic ways that are not tied to conditioned perceptions.

A healthy way forward involves interacting with numerous areas of growth, which includes acquiring a caring Earth-centric vision, awakening to inclusive realms of spirituality and growing beyond the boundaries that separate us.

This enlarges who we are and leads us to previously unrecognised potential, to discovering new realms of possibility and moving beyond restrictive patterns, to realising that change and growth are always possible.

It is a spirituality that embraces and acts upon wisdom that crosses all boundaries in order to include all – to see all as an interrelated and unified Sacred Whole with profound meaning and purpose, which, if we are open enough to take an interactive part in its unfoldment, can enrich and transform our lives in every moment.

Yet the search is always ongoing and involves being open to new discoveries and problems of contemporary living and commercialism, learning how to tread lightly upon the Earth, live peacefully, and purify our minds, hearts and awareness, and perform creative acts that are in harmony with Nature’s queendoms and kingdoms. For the creative impulse within us takes on deeper meaning when our actions are performed as expressions of spiritual living and a recognition of our interconnected unity with all – with both human and more-than-human life.