They say that birth and death are two sides of one coin, and that every birth is a death, and every death is a birth … In essence, as we depart from one “world,” we simultaneously enter another.

Since we can only experience the side of the coin representing birth, the only way to experience the miracle of death is by witnessing it through another.

In fact, you may want to consider that this is the last gift we will ever receive from our departed loved ones (and the last one we will ever give) … and maybe the most meaningful of all.

However, if we are to give or receive this great gift, it requires the courage to be fully present with the enormity of our feelings.

By surrendering to our emotions and allowing ourselves to feel deeply … something deep inside may awaken – and with it, we may receive powerful insights that help us remember who we really are.

Every one of us wants to leave some sort of legacy behind when we depart this world. You know … something that says, “I was here – and I made a difference”!

However, once we reach our final days, we may discover that the sign of a successful life is not how much money we accumulated, the status we attained, nor the knowledge we acquired, but rather, the sign of a successful life is how much we lovedand how much we were loved.

Although we may think of a legacy as something very tangible, the greatest of all legacies happens to be love … because through love, we live on in the hearts of others.

If I were to ask you to describe love, you probably wouldn’t be able to … and, yet, when we experience love, we all know it.

Although the true nature of love may forever be a mystery, there is no greater legacy to leave behind.

Indeed, if love is our legacy, life was a great success!

According to quantum physics, when two atoms are entangled, they remain entangled – even if you send them in opposite directions. In fact, regardless of the distance between the two atoms, whatever one experiences, the other experiences simultaneously. Scientists are still baffled by this “spooky action at a distance” as Einstein called it.

Nonetheless, the greatest example of quantum entanglement … happens to be the love that we share with another. For once we love someone, we are “quantumly entangled” through space and time, and therefore, wherever we may roam in the Universe, we are forever connected through love.

No doubt, it takes tremendous courage to truly love with an open heart. But when we take the risk, we also discover that love gives us the courage to live our lives. It gives us the courage to explore who we are and to take chances we otherwise might have avoided. It gives us the courage to say “I’m sorry” when we’re wrong and the courage to forgive and forget.

And last, but not least, love gives us the courage to say “good-bye” when it’s our time.

While we cannot anticipate our last thoughts or feelings, it is our mortality that suddenly makes every moment of life precious.

Every kiss on the cheek.
Every whisper of love.
Every smile.
And even every tear.

Finally, if we’re lucky enough, we come to realise that every breath is as precious as the first.

So, instead of wasting a single moment regretting the past or fretting about the future, let us find the strength to follow our hearts … especially when it’s challenging!

After all, Only Love is Real! In 2021 and beyond, may love be your Greatest Legacy!