Have you ever wondered about the ‘real reason’ we get sick or why some of us are more susceptible to germs and even cancer cells? No doubt, if we could identify the primary cause of illness, we would have the secret to health and healing.

Although modern medicine may proclaim to have all the answers, traditional doctors have no way to explain how thousands of terminal patients spontaneously heal against all odds – the Remission Project has catalogued more than 35000 medically reported cases of spontaneous remission worldwide.

Not only did these terminal patients defy the constructs of modern medicine, most importantly, they overcame the perceived limitations of the body. But, why are these self-healed patients the exception rather than the rule?

Even though we’ve all experienced the body’s innate ability to heal minor issues, such as skin abrasions, bruises and broken bones, most of us seem to have a limited capacity when it comes to self-healing more serious issues. But, why should the body fail to heal when it really counts? After all, if some of us can heal terminal issues, shouldn’t we all be able to?


Just like everything else in the universe, the human body is composed of vibrating energy, and fortunately, when we maintain an optimum frequency, our bodies function flawlessly. In fact, as long as we vibrate near optimum frequency, the body automatically heals potential physical issues before any noticeable problems even arise – allowing us to maintain perfect health.

While we all possess the power to heal (as evidenced in normal, everyday healing), if our optimum frequency is compromised over an extended period of time, the body’s natural healing ability also becomes compromised. And when the body cannot properly heal itself, minor physical issues can escalate into severe illnesses, diseases or chronic disorders.

Virtually all chronic and terminal illnesses begin as simple physical issues that would otherwise heal if the body was vibrating at an optimum frequency.

Furthermore, any part of the body that is out of vibrational harmony for weeks, months or years is more susceptible to illness.

For instance, have you ever noticed that you’re more likely to get sick during times of stress? Whenever stress lowers our vibration, the body’s immunity is compromised, thereby making us magnets for colds and flus – or even worse.

The bottom line is that we can prevent all sorts of mild to serious physical issues simply by maintaining a high vibration.


While a low frequency body is susceptible to illness, by raising the body’s vibration to a level where it can self-heal, we might be able to experience a miracle.

However whilst the human body can heal virtually anything when vibrating at the right frequency, it’s also important to keep in mind that the consistent level of our frequency must be relative to the degree of healing required. Just like water cannot boil without a certain level of heat, the body cannot heal advanced physical issues without a certain level of vibration.

Therefore, if we want to heal ailments or illnesses, we must attain and sustain a level of frequency where the body is capable of advanced healing:

  • Low Body Frequency – compromised healing ability results in health issues
  • Average Body Frequency – normal healing ability results in general wellness
  • High Body Frequency – advanced healing ability can result in miraculous healing and optimum health

So, how can we effectively raise our vibration to a level where health and healing is natural?


Keep in mind that when we refer to the body’s vibration, we’re talking about our overall vibration in life.

Your body’s vibration has everything to do with your thoughts, beliefs, behaviour and actions. In other words, your body is a reflection of how you live your life.

Below are the 7 most effective ways to raise your vibration to a level where your body can heal itself.

#1   Choose Life

Whether you’re seeking a miraculous healing or you just want to improve your health, a shift in consciousness is required – and this pivotal shift begins with the choice to live!

Even though we’re all obviously alive, most of us never consciously choose to be here, and if we take life for granted in this way, the frequency of our vibration can suffer accordingly.

Furthermore, if we don’t commit to life and choose to be here, our bodies get the message that there’s no real reason to heal …and for some of us, this can result in a shocking wake-up call, such as a terminal or incurable prognosis. Clearly at this point, if we want to heal, we can no longer take life for granted, and in fact, just like every terminal patient who has healed against all odds, we must consciously choose life.

By committing to life, the body suddenly has a reason to heal, and if the desire for life is strong enough, and life-affirming changes are made accordingly. We can elevate the body’s vibration to a level where health and longevity is natural and miraculous healing is possible (also keep in mind that you don’t need to be faced with a dire prognosis in order to choose life).

#2   Reframe Thinking: Thoughts > Emotions > Vibration

While it’s normal to experience a variety of emotions throughout life, our habitual emotions inevitably determine the frequency of our vibration.

For example, while joy, peace and enthusiasm result in a high vibration, chronic sadness, frustration and anger result in a low vibration.

Since our emotions almost always correspond to our thoughts, it’s safe to say that our vibration cannot be any higher than the quality of our thoughts. Therefore, to raise our vibration to a level where the body can heal, we must identify and release negative thinking.

The body cannot heal while being bombarded with constant negativity, and this includes all the words you say and think such as visualising the worst, worrying, complaining, judgement, replaying unhappy memories, etc.

Since negative thoughts result in illness and positive thoughts result in healing, we must master our minds and learn to think thoughts that invoke high vibrating emotions.

One way or another, your thoughts can either heal you or make you sick!

# 3  Heal Emotional Wounds

When life force energy flows through the body without inhibition, we naturally maintain a high vibration. In contrast, when the flow of energy is blocked or inhibited, our vibration slows down.

Since unhealed emotional wounds are energetically stored in the body, and can become the number one cause of blocked energy and consequently, a primary cause of health issues. As we release emotional wounds, the flow of energy in the body naturally increases. And if we clear enough emotional blocks, our vibration can rise to a level where the body can self-heal.

#4   Immunise Against Negativity

Believe it or not, vibration is contagious, and in fact, another person’s vibration can actually make us sick.

Regardless of whether we’re conscious of the dynamic or not, sensing one another’s emotional energy is a basic form of communication and connection. In fact, whenever we want to connect with someone, we naturally become sensitive to their emotional energy. When our energies begin to align, we experience an emotional connection.

In most cases, the person with the strongest energy dictates the over-all vibration of the interaction, and this means that, oftentimes, rather than just feeling someone’s energy, we adopt their energy as our own. Moreover, once we ‘catch’ someone’s vibe, our bodies react as if it belongs to us, and consequently, we experience a change in mood or energy. Of course, this isn’t so bad if the person is happy or peaceful, but it’s quite another story if they’re sad or annoyed.

However, with a little dose of consciousness, we all have the ability to sense emotional energy without allowing negativity to impact our vibration.

So, what’s the key to immunising ourselves against negativity? Well, this type of ‘immunisation’ requires that we identify all the ways in which we take on another person’s negative energy. For example, we take on external negativity whenever:

  • We judge someone
  • We judge someone’s circumstances negatively
  • We feel sorry for someone
  • We feel responsible for someone
  • We believe that it’s our job to make things better

Since everyone is on their own unique journey, and we never know what’s best for anyone, it’s usually a good idea to drop judgements and opinions. So, rather than taking responsibility for someone’s circumstances or trying to fix anything, why not empower people to solve their own problems?

#5   Remedy Loneliness and Open Your Heart

When unconditional love flows through an open heart, we experience a high vibration that activates the body’s natural ability to heal.

On the other hand, if we feel lonely and disconnected from others and if our hearts begin to close, love cannot flow, and because our vibration suffers accordingly, it often results in health issues.

Therefore, if we want to raise our vibration to a level of self-healing, we must remedy loneliness. Whether this means healing old relationships or creating new ones, it’s important to open our hearts and get out of our comfort zones. While there are millions of lonely people seeking connections, there’s no shortage of opportunities.

Furthermore, whether you call it God, Source, Universe, etc…, it’s important to cultivate a connection to something greater than you!

#6   Self-Love

Not surprisingly, whenever we mistreat or neglect ourselves, our vibration decreases accordingly, and therefore, we must learn to treat ourselves with kindness and compassion. Unfortunately, many of us are in abusive relationships with ourselves and don’t even know it, and, in fact, this is often the core cause of many physical issues.

No matter how we look at it, self-love is the foundation for a high vibration and a healthy body. Therefore, when it comes to healing, the practice of self-love is pivotal – and it all begins with self-care.

#7   Self-Care

Since there is a direct relationship between self-care and vibration, it’s important to address each of the following, and, consequently, make tangible life changes accordingly:

Be the Real You

Every time we compromise or sacrifice our needs, dreams or values in order to be liked or accepted, we inevitably reject our Real Selves, and consequently, self-rejection always lowers vibration. Therefore, expressing your Real Self and speaking your truth is one of the best things you can do to raise your vibration and heal.

Do What You Love

When we do what we love to do, we naturally experience high vibration emotions such as happiness, joy, peace, fulfilment, etc., and this means that while you’re having fun and being creative, your vibration naturally rises.

Moreover, if you want to heal your body, it’s important to rid your life of guilt and obligation. Instead, consciously fill your life with all the things you truly enjoy.

Create Purpose

Without a reason to get up in the morning, depression can easily set in. Therefore, having a purpose in life can make an enormous difference to your health and wellbeing.

However, instead of waiting to discover some grand purpose, why not create your own purpose? For instance, by making a difference in someone else’s life, you’ll bring meaning to your own – and your vibration will naturally rise.

Just remember, in order to be energised and never depleted, always take care of yourself first before giving to others.


Since the environment in which we live and work impacts our vibration, it’s important to be conscious of your daily environment, and whenever possible, make necessary changes.

Moreover, if you cannot remedy a negative home or work environment, it’s possible to neutralise the effects by regularly spending time in nature.


No doubt, what we put into our body on a regular basis has a significant effect on our overall vibration, and while low vibe foods, such as processed foods, can lower vibration, it’s possible to raise the body’s vibration by consciously eating “high vibe foods” (usually those that are plant-based).


Not surprisingly, whenever we’re active, we activate energy in the body, and when our energy increases through movement, our vibration naturally rises. Therefore, by regularly participating in activities such as yoga, swimming, hiking, biking, etc., you can improve your overall ability to heal.


Have you ever noticed that it’s difficult to hold on to negativity while laughing? Since laughter creates an energetic release in the body, it’s one of the quickest ways to raise vibration, and this means that you might actually be able to heal yourself through a daily practice of laughter. 

Be the Miracle

As the secret to a healthy body and the cure for many illnesses, we have the power to consciously implement life choices and changes that support a high vibration. Therefore, the 5 most important things to remember are:

1. Healing begins with the choice to live.

2. Since your thoughts can either heal you or make you sick, consciously choose healing thoughts.

3. Releasing emotional wounds and past traumas will raise your vibration.

4. Learn to immunise yourself against external negativity.

5. Take responsibility for loneliness and heal it with an open heart.

6. Master self-love

7. Cultivate a life time practice of self-care.

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